About Alicia Preston

Alicia Preston at The White House

Alicia Preston at The White House


Alicia Preston is a Communications and Public Relations Consultant who specializes in political organizations and corporate PR efforts.  Native to Hampton, NH, Alicia began her career in reporting and has worked in print, radio and television, primarily covering the political beat.   In addition to state and regional political news, Alicia covered the New Hampshire Presidential Primary from 1996 to 2004 and served as Executive Producer for the AARP Democratic Presidential Primary debate in NH.  Alicia left WNDS TV to serve as Communications Director for Governor Craig Benson before joining Meridian Communications as Director of Business Development.  Alicia left the firm to work with client George Pataki’s Political Action Committee where she became National Press Secretary, living in New York and travelling the country for the PAC.  In 2007, Alicia started The PReston Group and has worked for numerous corporate and political campaigns and organizations including several in Massachusetts:  Scott Brown’s US Senate Campaign and the Congressional races of Jim Ogonowski and Jon Golnik. As she did in 2008, Alicia will served as a consultant for CNN for the 2012 NH Presidential Primary cycle and regularly appears on radio, TV and in print as a republican political analyst.

Alicia has worked with political candidates throughout the northeast, including former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Governor George Pataki, Congressmen Jeb Bradley and Frank Guinta, along with several Washington D.C. – based companies and organizations.

Alicia does and has served on numerous charitable boards including as a Director of the 100 Club of New Hampshire.

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